mission & vision.

We aim to equip and empower vulnerable children with tools and training to overcome generational poverty and achieve more in society.


At Fundo Scholars Foundation Inc, we are committed to eliminate poverty by investing in the future of all children today through access to quality education.


Our vision is to see bring opportunities and educate one child at a time. Having the opportunity to succeed is every child and young adult’s birthright.

why us.

What makes Fundo Scholars Foundation different?


At Fundo Scholars we focus on delivering results in transparent way. We are all about responding to change rather than following a dusty yearly plan sitting somewhere on the office shelf. We realize to be successful today, we need to face change and unexpected risks continuously and successfully.

Focused on our mission statement

At Fundo Scholars Foundation Inc, we are committed to eliminate poverty by investing in the future of all children today through access to quality education


We understand that donors are more than their wallets – they are people investing in our mission, rather than just cash transactions. We are committed in keeping our donors informed on how their contributions are blessing our students and forever changing lives and brining hope where there was no hope.

Mobilize and inspire others

We want to inspire others to act and join us in this quest to change lives. When you uplift one child, the whole village is uplifted. Together we can break the generational cycle and bring hope to the fourth and fifth generation that they will be the first ones to attend college. To achieve that, Fundo Scholars needs to work with you and through others to create much more impact than we ever could on our own. Together we can.

Continuously listen and improve

At Fundo Scholars we continuously and consistently take time to listen to our students, our donors, volunteers, and to other organizations. We embrace feedback and learn from data to develop new or better programs that meet the evolving needs and requirements of our students. We are constantly seeking out opportunities to learn and grow everywhere.

Faith Driven

We do not have any restrictions on whom we serve. We base our concepts upon a belief in Jesus Christ and respect for all. Every person is uniquely special and has inherent worth. We believe that God will supply to everyone’s needs according to His riches and glory in heaven above. We share the gospel and the love of Jesus to everyone. Regardless of religious beliefs, every child is welcome to Fundo Scholars.


We understand the complexity of extreme poverty and the issues keeping children confined within it. We address these issues simultaneously based on individual needs.


We promote independence by not spoon feeding the students. We provide resources and equip them to do for themselves while we provide guidance.

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