My name is Marjorie Chanakira and I come from the remote areas of Chitungwiza in Zimbabwe. My parents are not employed in the formal sector they are peasant workers trying to earn a living for me and my sibling.

My aunt put me through primary school, and I passed and proceeded to secondary school at Regina Mundi High School. I took 12 subjects in O level and passed all of them with 8As and 4Bs having A’s in Mathematics, Principles of accounts, English, Combined Science essentially. I wrote my A level exams in 2021 and the results are yet to be published. I have a dream of going attending university and studying mathematics and computer science, but my parents cannot afford the fees. With the help of Ms Prisca a friend to my Aunt Ebra I believe I can do it and I will not give up on my dream. The ladies have made me believe that I can be a pioneer of something great and I thank God for bringing these ladies into my live when all hope was lost. I do hope that with their help I will become a black female engineer and be able to give back to my community the same way I have been uplifted.