My name is Melissa Mafu I was born and raised in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. I did my primary school basic education at Sacred Heart Primary and my Ordinary and Advanced levels at St James Girls High. My father passed away in 2008 and my mother passed away in 2016. My parents divorced when I was very young and so I was raised by my stepfather and he worked very hard to pay my way into Lupane State University
Economic instability hit Zimbabwe very hard in 2018 and my stepfather lost his job. I was lucky to get an internship with UNESCO in Harare, so there was no need for school fees payment since it was covered with the internship. Unfortunately, the internship period came to a halt, and I had to start paying for tuition.  The money that I had saved up was not enough for me to finish my last year and sadly there were no well-wishers to help me. I would cry day and night asking God to help me and the only thing I could do was pray. l saw my dreams of being a female leader in Zimbabwe empowering the most vulnerable shattered. I contacted a friend of mine Liane Moyo who is studying in the United States and l told her my situation. She immediately said to me she knew two women who might help me. I got introduced to Aunt Ebra and Aunt Prisca with Fundo Scholars Foundation. They helped to pay my last semester fees in full and the graduation fees. I am happy to let you know that I graduated with their help on the 5th of November 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and Development Studies. I will forever be so grateful to Aunt Ebra and Aunt Prisca for helping me achieve academic excellence. As an empowered young black lady, this is not my final stop. l would love to get my master’s degree in International Relations and help to be an ally to build and strengthen relationship with Third World Countries and Western Nations.  Living in Zimbabwe as a graduate like me without a job is the norm but not easy because l do not have a sustainable livelihood. Having a job or doing my master’s degree will keep me away from having an idle mind and also away from bad activities dominating young people’s lives in Zimbabwe.