Hello, my name is Kundai Farai and I’m from Zimbabwe. My father died when I was 8 months old and my mother was left a single mother. She later remarried and my stepfather helped to raise me and helped me to get an education. Unfortunately, my mother and stepfather divorced the year that I was completing my Ordinary Level studies. It became challenging to get resources to continue going to school because my mom could not afford to pay my school fees, books and uniforms. l was forced to drop out of school a few times due to lack of resources. Though life was tough, l kept focused and I excelled and passed the National O Level exams with 8 As, 2Bs and 1C.

My mother later found a job in South Africa as a house maid and she had to leave me behind so she could take care of my two younger brothers and I. Mom sent me to live with a relative in Mutare where I completely my Advanced level studies. Mr Stephen Mutsongodza, the director of First Class Academy awarded me an academic scholarship.

Learning became very challenging in 2020 in the light of covid-19 when my school was introduced to online learning for the first time. This became a major setback for me because I did not have a computer or laptop or internet access to attend the google classrooms. I worked very hard with the only resources l had, my text books and getting notes from students who afforded to attend class online. By the grace of God l passed the National Advanced Level studies with distinctions in Accounting, Business studies, Pure Mathematics, and Statistics with 4 A’s and I achieved the highest scores at the school.

I become worried because I didn’t know how I was going to attend college because that is something my mother can not afford as a house maid. I just prayed that something could happen so pursuing my dream of going to college and that is when l met Mama Prisca. It’s true that God has plans for us in the midst of our frustrations. I heard she was helping students who come from less privileged families connecting them to opportunities, so I decided to contact her. Mama Prisca was impressed with my results and offered a hand in search for a scholarships to study abroad. She provided books, internet access to study online, paying for SAT exam fees and all the resources I needed in preparation for the SAT exam.

Above all, Mama Prisca is a good motivator who kept my hope. l have never met her but she takes me as her own child and provides everything. Mama Prisca is also a good counselor; she teaches me how life is and always tells me that I should not let my current situation define who I am. This has taught me that I can achieve my life goals if I stay focused and believe. I want to study Mathematics and Data Science and masters in Actuarial Science. One day I am going to do the same that she has done for me and I will help the underprivileged talented students in my country and around the world.


Update 10/18/2020

Kundai was accepted at the University of Zimbabwe and he is studying Actuarial Science. He is in his first year