My name is Rose Sando and I come from the city of Mutare. My parents divorced when I was 7 years old and I was raised by my father along with my older brother and 3 cousins.

Despite of living without my mother for nearly all my life, I managed to stay out of trouble and completed my O level with 3 A’s, 5 B’s and 1 C. I went to Advanced level and I passed the National exams with 15 points out of 15. Although I passed on top of the class, my father can not afford to send me to college because of financial inadequacy. I had to fumble my dreams of going to university and watch the sun rise, set and wait for tomorrow which contained absolutely NOTHING.

However, my life was given a purpose by Miss Prisca. I heard she was helping some students and my friend reached out to her on my behalf. The opportunity was unbelievable, even beyond my imagination. It all became real when she provided all that I needed so that I may write a standard test required in the United States in order to qualify for a scholarship and go to college.

Coming from a family which has an illiterate mother, a father who only learned how to read and write without an education, I am very motivated to break the cycle and be the first one in my family and extended family to go to college. I want to study mathematics and computer science and give back to my community just like Miss Prisca is doing. An opportunity to attend University is a dream but the selfless act of mama Prisca has given me a strong fire, a zeal to help anyone out there and let them know that, “Your today is not your tomorrow”.


Update 10/18/2022

Rose was accepted at the University of Zimbabwe and she is studying Accounting and Finance. She is in her first year.