My name is Gladman Madawaenda I was born and raised in Harare Zimbabwe. I was named Gladman, an emblem of hope in hopelessness. I am a testimony to the pains and pricks of life as well as the sweet and sane side . My father being a mere brick and block-layer, there were many times I was forced to be out of school for non payment of school fees, but somehow I manage to excel in my academics.

I attended Bradley High school for O level and I passed all 10 subjects with 4 A’s and 6 B’s. I proceeded to Advanced level and I passed all subjects with A’s 15 points out of 15. I developed a passion of being a Lawyer and this came from the chambers of public speaking and debate which moulded me into a confident orator that I am. In high school I became a junior parliamentarian and I took the opportunity to reach out to human rights organizations calling out for justice of the oppressed.

By the grace of God I was accepted into law school at the University of Zimbabwe and I attended one year of school. With 76% of Zimbabweans living below the poverty datum line, my family happens to be one of them and continuing with my education is a struggle to due financial hardships.

It is within the caring heart of a noble woman Mama Prisca who has been assisting me in getting funding and a scholarship that one day this son of a brick-layer can become a Lawyer and give back to my community by advocating on their behalf and serving them.